January 31st Worship Gathering

By City Church (other events)

Sunday, January 31 2021 9:00 AM 10:30 AM

What time will services be?



Will I be required to wear a mask?

Yes. In an abundance of caution for others and in accordance with the guidelines from the CDC we are requiring all people older than 2 years of age to wear a mask when inside the church building.


When can I reserve my ticket(s)?

Every Tuesday by 12pm we’ll post a link on the app, Facebook, and our website for you to RSVP.

We do ask that if you’re unsure you can attend that you not RSVP a ticket. Let someone else attend instead.


What if I can't make it and I need to cancel?

Please email [email protected] and indicate how many tickets you need to cancel.


Can I RSVP every week?



What do I do if there are no more in-person tickets?

Select a "waitlist" ticket and if someone else cancels we'll email you.


What if I’m unable to attend the worship gathering at the building?

For the next several months we will be live streaming the 9am worship gathering. We’ve all experienced the last several months that online church misses a lot of what we understand church to be but for now we hope it’s a helpful accommodation. You can participate in the livestream at


When can I arrive at the church building?

You can arrive at any point prior to the service. You can sit in your car or you can stand in the parking lot and talk to others who want to do the same.


When can I enter the building?

You will be permitted to enter the building approximately 5 minutes before the worship gathering begins. A leader will clearly notify you when you can enter.


Will hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc. be permitted?

Before you enter the building we’ll have a table set up with yellow and red bracelets (for now we have removed the green bracelets but long for the day when we can put them back out). If you’re ok with physical contact, select a green bracelet. If you don’t want physical contact but you’re ok with talking at a safe distance, select a yellow bracelet. If you’d prefer no contact and you want to be talked to from a LONG distance away, select a red bracelet.


How will seating be arranged?

In order to meet the CDCs recommendation for social distancing the room will be set up with both rows of chairs in the middle of the auditorium and tables with chairs on the edges. The tables with chairs are reserved for those who have children.


What will be available for children?

At 8:40am and 11:30am (before and after the worship gathering) CityKids Worship will stream live at At this time there are no children's classes at the church building. 

For those attending the in-person worship gathering we will have a station set up for the kids to stop by so they can pick up something specifically put together for their age group to help them and their parents engage the worship gathering. If you attend the in-person gathering, you should have enough time to get home so your children can participate in the 11:30 CityKids Worship.


Will we be able to hang out and talk after the worship gathering?

Outside the building, yes. Directly after the worship gathering we ask that every immediately exit the building. This is for several reason including to make sure we have adequate time to clean the building afterwards even after the 11am svc.